Collection: Salt n Rays-Beach Towels with UPF 50+

We are a family owned and run business. 
(With a "little" help from our friends!)
As an active family of four, we spend our time outdoors as much as possible. We boat, fish, bike, ski and spend many hours in the sun on sports fields. We play hard!

We also understand the importance of protecting your skin. While we advocate daily sunscreen, sometimes you need extra protection. 

We started with the creation of the UPF 50 Sol Wrap, a towel designed to protect you from the sun while keeping you cool as it wicks away moisture and reflects the sun’s heat. 
We have since added apparel and accessories, along with custom options and retail partners along the way. In May of 2021 we opened our first brick and mortar store offering additional gift and apparel options.

About UPF Sun Protection
Like the SPF in sunscreen, UPF is the standard to measure the effectiveness of sun protective fabrics. A UPF factor of 40 or above is considered EXCELLENT protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Our UV Guard is rated UPF 50+, even when wet, blocking 97% of UVA and 99.7% of UVB rays.